Course curriculum

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    • Welcome!
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    Your Best Planner Ever

    • Best Planner Ever Instructions
    • Tour the Best Planner Ever
  • 3

    Break the Cycle of "Busy"

    • Break the Cycle of Busy
  • 4

    Eliminate Time Sucks

    • Eliminate Time Sucks
    • Identify & Eliminate My Time Sucks Exercise
  • 5

    Change Your Relationship With Time

    • Change Your Relationship With Time
    • Time Affirmations
  • 6

    The Daily Planning Habit

    • The Daily Planning Habit
  • 7

    Recordings of Past Live Trainings

    • Active Visioning Training
    • Vision Exercise If You Have Trouble Looking Forward
    • 10-3 Goal Strategy
    • Focus Wheels Training
  • 8

    Blank Form Downloads

    • Vision Statement
    • 10-3 Goal Strategy Worksheet
    • Focus Wheel
    • Brain Dump
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    Special Offer

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